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My name is Bec

Art and interior design have long been a passion of mine. The birth of my beautiful son Saxon has given me the time and freedom to flex my creative brain and share my creations to the world. I have a bachelor of Interior Architecture so rest assured your walls are in capable hands.


I immersed myself in the creative digital world during university using computer-animated programs such as CAD and Revit but found creating digital art gave me more creative freedom than designing spaces to fit a restrictive design brief. I dabbled in acrylic and oil painting but found I had more talent in the digital realm. I am also too impatient to wait for paint to dry when my creative juices are flowing however my pieces tend to take just as long to create digitally due to their intricacies. My work is characterised by bold distortion of form and exaggerated colours. I began experimenting with this style of art with portraits of loved ones. This then stemmed into still life as demand to fill not only the bare walls of our home but also friends’ homes grew.


With the encouragement of friends and family I am proud to share what started as a pastime with the world. I hope you enjoy.

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